Our keg caps are designed to fit standard Sankey kegs. Vented dust keg caps come in black, red, white, blue, green, clear and yellow. These caps are in case quantities of 2,000.

If you want to brand your keg caps, we can foil-stamp caps in one color with a 6,000 minimum. Foil colors are red, white, black, lite-blue, dark-blue, orange, silver, gold, yellow, green, brown, burgundy, purple, pink, and aqua., or apply labels using spot or four-color process with a 6,000 minimum.

Standard Keg Caps
  • Keg Caps (Case of 2000)

    Keg Caps (Case of 2000)

    $175.00 Select options
Foil Stamped keg Caps
  • Bulk Keg Caps For Sale

    Keg Caps (6000 Foil Stamped Keg Caps)

    $1,000.00 Select options
Keg Wrap by the Roll
Keg Caps
Keg Caps
Brewery Solutions

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